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Public School Information
K-5th grade: our students attend Rockhill Elementary
9th-12th grade: Mountain View High School
Rockhill and A.G. Wright are right next to each other on the same campus in the community known as Vista Woods less than 5 minutes away by car. Mountain View High School is about 5-10 minutes away by car. 
County Services
Non-Emergency Sheriff Dept: 540-658-4400
Animal Control: 540-658-7387
Landfill: 540-658-4590
Local Branch Library: Porter 540-659-4909
County Treasurer's Office: 540-658-8700
Rockhill District Supervisor, Crystal Vanuch: (540) 361-0905  EMAIL:
Trash/Recycling (Alternative Waste): (844) 958-7274
Electric (Dominion VA Power): 866-366-4357
Water and Sewer (Stafford County): 540-658-8616 (after hours emergency: 540-658-4857)
TV and Internet
Comcast: 800-226-2278
Dish: 855-318-0572
Verizon: 800-837-4966
Propane: A note about propane. MOST of Apple Grove is serviced by Amerigas. A few years ago, there was an option was offered to homeowners to purchase the tank and move to any provider they wished. A provider named Blossman came into our community and offered a deal that some residents took them up on. You will need to either ask the person you purchased the house from who the propane supplier is for the house, OR call each company and ask if they have your residence on file as being supplied by them. Here are the numbers:
Amerigas Propane: 540-898-0357
Blossman Gas: 540-548-0254